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Winning the Australian Construction Achievement Award in both 2017 and 2019 has been fantastic for McConnell Dowell.

It has instilled enormous pride in our employees and has provided many wonderful opportunities to celebrate as a team.

It has also proven to be a terrific marketing opportunity and we have delivered a number of presentations to customers and industry groups, showcasing our innovation.

Finally, we have used it a springboard to win some international awards, taking our brand beyond our traditional operating regions.

Our message to anyone considering entering the Award is, go ahead!

The Australian Construction Achievement Award – ACAA – is Australia’s most prestigious construction accolade and winning it will benefit your business in many ways.

Jim Frith – Managing Director for McConnell Dowell Australia

Call for Entries

The 2020 Australian Construction Achievement Award Call for Entries are now closed.

2022 Submission Criteria

To receive a copy of the 2022 Submission Criteria, please fill in the below details

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The 2021 Australian Construction Achievement Award Call for Entries will open in August 2020.


For more information, please contact Ella Dowie on [email protected] or 03 9321 1735.