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Australian Construction Achievement Award 2023 winner


CPB Contractors and Major Road Projects Victoria

“The M80 Upgrade widened 5.7 kilometres of the M80 Ring Road between Sydney and Edgars roads, adding additional lanes, ramps, collector distributors and a smart freeway system – all in and around live traffic flows of 165,000 vehicles per day.

Clever technical solutions and a strong innovation and sustainability culture saw the project completed a year ahead of schedule and substantially under the client’s budget.”


Award winner statement

Winning the 2023 Australian Construction Achievement Award is a welcome achievement for CPB Contractors and our M80 Upgrade project team.

Delivery excellence, innovative thinking and clever solutions have been central to CPB Contractors’ success in our more than 90 year history, and this award is further recognition of our people’s expertise in sustainable construction to benefit industry, our clients and the communities where we work.

By working collaboratively with Major Road Projects Victoria, CPB Contractors and the M80 Upgrade team achieved best-for-project and community outcomes. Our people identified clever technical solutions that created environmental benefits while also enabling completion of the project six months ahead of the contractual date, opening more than a year ahead of schedule and under budget.

Importantly, commitment during the tender phase by both CPB Contractors and our client ensured the M80 Upgrade would be a leading example in diversity and inclusion for the civil construction sector, achieving a 40% female senior leadership team, 30% project staff were women and 3.1% Indigenous employee participation.  

Thank you to both the Australian Construction Association and Engineers Australia for supporting the industry by encouraging best practice project delivery.

Michael Kalinowski
Executive General Manager – Vic, Tas & NZ
CPB Contractors

Past winners


Winning the Australian Construction Achievement Award in both 2017 and 2019 has been fantastic for McConnell Dowell.

It has instilled enormous pride in our employees and has provided many wonderful opportunities to celebrate as a team.

It has also proven to be a terrific marketing opportunity and we have delivered a number of presentations to customers and industry groups, showcasing our innovation.

Finally, we have used it a springboard to win some international awards, taking our brand beyond our traditional operating regions.

Our message to anyone considering entering the Award is, go ahead!

The Australian Construction Achievement Award – ACAA – is Australia’s most prestigious construction accolade and winning it will benefit your business in many ways.

Jim Frith – Managing Director for McConnell Dowell Australia